Gardens! No wonder why they are beautiful. Gardening needs patience, a lot of it and that can be seen only in the people who have depth knowledge and interest in it. This gets interesting as you get deeper with its steps, this is most loved by the adults who love organic living and especially self-made organic as it is trust-worthy.

It always starts from home, mother’s love teaching new things to their children and gardening is usually the first chapter from their childhood chapters for most. Let me start with my first lessons and why is it still fresh on my mind, we had a terrace garden with very beautiful plants but in different pots. My mother started our lessons with first making us water the plants every morning and in the afternoon before the sun sets.

The most interesting chapter of life: Kids love learning practical lessons as they can see the process and understand it better, gardening always goes with the steps and the first step of it is the most favorite for every kid “mud”. Getting the mud in the pot and then mixing it well with water to make it a clay has always been the fun part then comes adding the saved seeds from the fruits or sometimes the pollens of the flowers which were kept for drying  and then after adding those seeds the urge to see that little plant grow increases and watering that arts of yours sometimes tests the patience!!

How it becomes Trendy Hobby: As the practice of growing plants and gardening them begins from your childhood the interest in it becomes an obsession and turns out to become a part of your routine which slowly makes you realize how much you enjoy that routine and of course hobbies are something we enjoy doing it on a regular basis. This Hobby became Trendy after the pandemic as the adults got very much involved with hygienic and organic life style and started home gardening and now it has become their hobby.

Conclusion: Gardening has always been an informative chapter in everyone’s life, it starts with their childhood or sometimes starts for safety but it somehow rolls down in our lives and becomes a part of the routine for the most. It is the most informative practical for every learner and also for the teacher.

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