Pizza ngon

But the pizza as they recognize it now originated in Italy in the late eighteenth century. Neapolitan had grown quickly into one of the biggest towns in Europe during the reign of Bourbon rulers. The nation’s population grew from 200,000 by 1700 to 399,000 in 1748, propelled by commerce with other countries and a continual inflow of farmers from rural areas. More and more city residents were forced into hardship while the urban economy failed to maintain up. As a result of how tattered they looked and how much they resemble Lazarus, the most despicable of these individuals were known as Lazzarone. With a population of about 50,000, they made do with the few wages they received as porters were able messengers that are or temporary workers. They required food that was quick and simple to eat at Pizza ngon since they were always going looking for jobs. Pizza satiated this craving. They could be sliced to fit the consumer’s price range or desire when supplied by vendors on the street rather than in stores while lugging enormous packages beneath their bodies.

As mentioned by Alexandre Dumas in Le Corricolo  

A pizza big enough to feed an extended family would cost two sous, but an additional Liard piece could provide a decent breakfast. Neither of them proved overly difficult. Although they resembled Virgil’s pieces of bread that are flat in some ways, these were now distinguished by low-cost, simple-to-find materials that had a lot of taste. The most basic dishes were just sprinkled with salt, fat, and onion. Other people though, were basil, Cuccinelli (whitebait), and caciocavallo (a dairy derived from a horse’s milk).

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