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First-time home sellers might not be aware of the importance of home staging, but it is one the most crucial steps of selling a home. To help you find potential buyers quickly and secure a good deal, here are six easy home staging tips that won’t cost a penny.

Clean and dust

Cleaning can make a huge difference. There can be some parts of your home that you unknowingly miss during routine cleaning.

Homebuyers have an ick to check every nook and corner of the house for dust or spider webs. A dirty and unclean home may drive away potential buyers, So clean your entire place thoroughly before inviting guests.


Organize utensils in the kitchen sink, cabinets, drawers and bathroom. Arrange the furniture in an eye-pleasing manner and ensure the room doesn’t look too crowded and has sufficient space to move around.

Keep the showpieces at their designated spots, and remember, less is more. Don’t overdo the decoration. Otherwise, the house will look more like a mess than a neatly organized home.


Remove and give away all unnecessary things that don’t add up to the glory of the home. You can also organize a garage sale and make extra money with unwanted items.

Mow your lawn

The lawn is the first thing that homebuyers will notice when they enter your property. Pluck out weeds and trim the grass to a desired length.

Paint the walls

A can of paint might cost cheaper than compromising your house’s worth. You can hire a professional if you have the cash or complete the job yourself. Painting can be a fun family activity. Fill in any cracks and use neutral shades and cool tones.

Repair any broken items

A leaking faucet is a solid reason to not buy a home. Fix leaking faucets, broken bulbs, cabinets and jammed drawers. Clear the sewage and make the place ready to welcome guests.

Any sane person would not be interested in buying a poorly kept home. So, follow these six home staging tips that require minimal effort and almost no capital.

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