company secretary singapore

A business without a company secretary is unorganized. The importance of a company secretary’s role increased markedly. It is the role of the secretary, a part of line management. Sometimes, a company secretary singapore moves to the profession as an administrative servant of the board.

A company secretary includes the role of a board advisor.

Company Secretary

A company secretary in an organization has duties:

  • ensures the integrity of the management framework
  • efficient company administration
  • ensures compliance
  • implements decisions

The business services of a company secretary work on the company’s business administration:

  1. Implements board of directors’ decisions
  2. Acts as adviser to the directors
  3. Handles company share transactions
  4. Liaising legalities in a company
  5. Attends meetings
  6. Ensures compliance obligations

Company secretaries are the center of organizing the board meetings. It ensures meetings run smoothly and by:

  • legal requirements
  • facilitating effective communication
  • shareholders
  • other stakeholders

Company secretary improves the business

A company secretary has responsibilities of the company. It may change in different companies. There are benefits to expect from a professional company secretary.

Governance expert

A company secretary is familiar with the rules and regulations of the specific company. The expertise of a company secretary helps a business owner comply with the business law. Every agenda and process in a company is facilitated by the company secretary.

High performance

No doubt, a qualified company secretary brings a much-needed increase in business productivity. It ensures a business is in maximum compliance with the law with issues. The secretary works on procedures to boost governance.

An independent insight

The vision of the business owners becomes very limited. They deal with several people. The company secretary is responsible for overseeing the board. The Secretary arranges regular meetings with the directors.

The secretary creates a view of the company. It is greater than the expectations of the directors. Therefore, you can use it as an independent and complete insight from the secretary to enhance the business.


Forging new connections is essential to run a successful business. A company secretary has experience working with different people. Secretaries have connections in different departments useful for companies to improve business processes.

Smart investments in resources

Company secretaries face issues in optimizing the performance of the business. It is because of the lack of resources. It is the company directors’ responsibility to make smart investments in resources. It improves the profitability and efficiency.

The company secretary holds thorough meetings with the company staff and directors to ensure the necessary investments are made.

Organization culture

Establishing a strong organizational culture takes enough time and energy. An ambitious company secretary ensures to take all essential steps to build strong organizational values.

Good governance starts from the top. The senior executives of the company play an essential role. It ensures a qualified company secretary. The directors work closely with the company secretary to ensure management is on track.

A company secretary brings a lot of benefits to a company. The expertise of the secretary greatly helps for the orderliness of a company.

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